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Air Force Reserve Officer 培训 Corps (AFROTC) is an educational program designed to allow young men and women to pursue a commission in the United States Air and Space Forces while pursuing a college degree in any academic major. The purpose of the AFROTC program is to provide quality development of the individual so that they may serve as effective leaders and officers upon entering the Air or Space Force. AFROTC affords graduates the opportunity to pursue a broad range of career fields to include aviation related jobs, 法律, 空间操作, 医学, 情报, 计算机系统, engineering and many more. You can take part in this unique experience for up to two years as a college freshman and sophomore with no military commitment. 012支队的AFROTC项目对全球最大赌博365网站的所有大学生开放, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 英里的大学, Jefferson State 社区 College, University of Montevallo, and Birmingham Southern. If you are interested in joining our team of outstanding future leaders for America’s Air Force or Space Force, click on the contact link and let us know.


Four Year Program

AFROTC项目分为两部分:通用军事课程(GMC)。 & the Professional Officer's Course (POC). The GMC portion of the program typically consists of freshman and sophomores and allows them the opportunity to try out AFROTC without any commitment. During the GMC period cadets will be exposed to the basic organizational concepts of the Air and Space Forces and their history. During the sophomore year, 学员将有机会竞争实地训练分配. 完成实地培训是进入POC的必要条件. POC包括你在这个项目中的大三和大四. 作为一名学员,你将接受领导/管理和国家安全政策方面的指导.

Leadership Laboratory

领导力实验室是空军后备军官训练队项目的一个组成部分. 它为学生提供了将课堂教学应用于实际环境的机会. Each course has an associated leadership laboratory. 这学期实验室每周开两小时的课. Instruction is conducted within the framework of an organized cadet corps with a progression of experiences designed to develop leadership potential. Leadership Laboratory involves a study of the life and work of Air and Space Force junior officers. 学生在实践中发展他们的领导潜力, supervised laboratory, which typically includes field trips to Air or Space Force installations throughout the United States. The first two years of Leadership Laboratory involve activities classified as initial leadership experiences. This includes studying Air and Space Force customs and courtesies and drill and ceremonies; giving military commands; instructing, 纠正, and evaluating the preceding skills; studying the environment of an Air or Space Force base; and learning about career opportunities available to commissioned officers. The last two years of Leadership Laboratory consist of activities classified as advanced leadership experiences. They involve the planning, 组织, 协调, 导演, and controlling the military activities of the cadet corps; the preparation and presentation of briefings and other oral and written communications; and the providing of interviews, 指导, and information that will increase the understanding, 动机, and performance of other cadets.


实地训练是一个严格和具有挑战性的计划,旨在评估你的军官潜力. 野外训练通常在进入大学三年级之前在空军基地进行, and must be accomplished before you become a POC. At 实地培训 you will receive career orientation, professional development 培训, aircraft orientation, 生存训练, weapons indoctrination, and physical fitness 培训. 你的领导能力将在不同的场景中被测试和评估. 空军将承担所有与野外训练有关的旅行费用.



军校学员的生活与普通大学生的生活有点不同, 还有很多事情要做,还有很多事情要跟踪. As you proceed further into your AFROTC career, especially the POC, you take on a lot more responsibility. The main goal of the program is to get your degree, so academics always come first but as a cadet you have agreed to take on more tasks than just that of classes. 这种训练大部分发生在领导力实验室和体能训练中, which is only about four hours a week. Cadets are not always marching, 培训, or in uniform though, 他们还是大学生,去看足球比赛, hang out with friends, 祝大家玩得开心.

Extracurricular Activities

Along with regular 空军后备军官训练队 activities there are numerous extracurricular activities as well. Arnold Air Society is a service oriented, 由空军和非洲空军作战中心直接认可的荣誉协会. 银翼是另一个致力于服务的组织. This is the sister organization to Arnold Air Society but it allows you to work side by side with civilian members as this organization is open to anyone on campus. 所有这些组织都提供额外的培训、经验、技能和 团队精神 between cadets, the university, and the community.



空军和太空部队后备军官训练团的奖学金竞争非常激烈. 为了确保你是最优秀的候选人,确保你有尽可能高的GPA, score well on the ACT or SAT, 保持身体健康以通过体质评估(PFA). 你还需要申请并获得一所拥有AFROTC项目的大学的录取.


确保你成为候选人的最好方法就是在学校里表现最好. The Unit 入学s Officer and other cadre members are available to answer any questions you may have. 你的学员同伴也是一个很好的资源,可以在你的道路上帮助你.


Do I have to join AFROTC as a freshman?

不,但是,作为新生加入会增加你获得奖学金的机会. 至少, interested students should sign up by the first term of their sophomore year to give themselves the best chance at being successful in the program.

Are there scholarships available?

是的. There are scholarships available for almost everyone.


可能. You must qualify by passing a physical exam, passing a Physical Fitness Assessment and earning certain scores on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT).


No. 绝大多数空军工作根本不涉及飞行.

Do I have to live in a barracks?

No, not while in college. 初级官员相当于初级行政人员. Most officers live off-base in an apartment or house.

Do I have to cut my hair?

也许. 在穿制服时,头发必须按照空军的规定保持.

Do I have to wear a uniform to class every day?

No. You are only required to wear your uniform to your 空军后备军官训练队 classes and Leadership Lab one day each week.


As a GMC, you can expect to spend approximately five hours each week on required AFROTC activities. This time includes time spent in academic class, Leadership Lab, and in physical fitness 培训. POCs每周花更多的时间,因为他们的学术课程更长. 然而,我们鼓励每个人都参与到军团中来. 基本上,你可以根据自己的意愿和能力,在AFROTC上投入尽可能多或尽可能少的时间.


Only a minimum of four years of active duty.

How much do I get paid?

在投入使用后,您每年将获得约42,000美元的福利. By the time you finish your active duty commitment you will be earning close to $70,000 per year.


No. 事实上, many companies prefer to hire former officers over new college graduates (even those with masters degrees).



Lt Col 约瑟夫•约翰逊

Commander/Professor of Aerospace Studies


Capt Carson Kennedy

Capt Carson Kennedy




Capt Brett Collins



TSgt Andrew Tolar

TSgt Andrew Tolar



SSgt Jordan Basilicato

SSgt Jordan Basilicato



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